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Sec. Gen. Ministry of Ed at Ryde

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The Secretary General of the Ministry of Education of the Hellenic Republic, Professor Andreas Karamanos and Professor Xantakis from the University of Athens, visited our school at the West Ryde location to obtain a first-hand experience of the Saturday schools in the Diaspora.

2007 06 23 Karamanos visit 49 b

Professor Karamanos, en route to Adelaide where he is going to sign a memorandum of understanding regarding educational issues with the South Australian Premier, had the opportunity to visit our school, discuss issues of interest and concern with both students and parents and paid tribute to the Hellenic Centre for Language & Culture of Australia Inc. for the tireless efforts to maintain and promote the Greek language and culture.

2007 06 23 Karamanos visit 16 b

Professor Karamanos indicated that he will personally address the substantial lack of educational material, primarily visual and audio material and committed to assisting in the efforts of developing Modern Greek teachers from the local Greek community.
Specifically, he paid tribute to our teacher Irene Kintominas, a third generation Greek –Australian who has mastered the language and is able to teach it.
He sang the praises of our student Eugenia who welcome both professors in fluent Greek, a welcome speech written by the student herself.

2007 06 23 Karamanos visit 31 a

The Management Committee of the Hellenic Centre for Language & Culture wishes to express its gratitude to students and parents, who attended the school to meet Professor Karamanos at such short notice.

2007 06 23 Karamanos visit 47 c

A big thank you to all staff at West Ryde and to the Education Office of the Consulate General of Greece not only for our school’s inclusion into Professor Karamanos’s itinerary, but also for the ongoing support to our educational institution.


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