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Georgia Apostolopoulos

Georgia Apostolopoulos completed her HSC in 2012 and received high Band 6 for Modern Greek Continuers and E4 for Modern Greek extension.

Along with teaching at two of our schools, Georgia  is currently in her final year of tertiary study completing her Bachelor of Arts with a degree in the bachelor of primary education (BABEd) paired with a Diploma of Languages majoring in Modern Greek studies at Macquarie University. Georgia is a strong believer in the continuation of Greek study, and has a deep passion for everything Greek, this has driven her to study Modern Greek language and literature at the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.

Georgia has a love of children and a deep passion for Greek language and culture and through her teaching at the  Aristotelis Community Greek Language school hopes to impart this passion and love for her heritage onto the students which she teaches. Georgia has been studying Greek language formally from the age of 5 and has always used her Greek to communicate with her grandparents, relatives, and to get by in the Greek community of both Australia and Greece.

In her teaching role, Georgia is driven to provide her students with the highest quality Greek education so as to continue and promote the longevity of such a  beautiful culture, language and people across the Greek diaspora. As a young 3rd generation Greek living in Australia, Georgia understands and believes in the importance of educating students on the language of our forefathers but also, in maintaining the culture that makes these young children who they are, a culture so deeply engrained within many.


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