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The Greek Language School "Aristotelis" was established by Dr. Nikolaos Zervis in 1993 and the first classes commenced at the Five Dock Public School location. However, parents have advised that the school operated as a community based school at least 20 years prior to being taken over.

The following year, three more locations were added to the already successful operation of the school, namely Manly, North Strathfield and West Ryde.

Dr. Zervis with Mr. Gonopoulos and students at the Manly location

In January of 2005, Dr. Nikolaos Zervis transferred the schools to the Hellenic Centre for Language and Culture of Australia, due to his imminent departure for Greece to take up an academic posting.

Left: Dr. Zervis with Mr. Gonopoulos and students at the Manly location.

Every school location operates once a week, and the number of hours allotted to each location is dependant on the number of students and their linguistic capability.

Dr. Zervis with teachers and students at the Strathfield North locationAll primary and high school teachers engaged by the Aristotelis Greek Language School , are either tertiary qualified teachers from Greece and/or Australia , or have successfully completed their Modern Greek Studies at local Universities.

Right: Dr. Zervis with teachers and students at the Strathfield North location.

In many instances, every level is taught independently. In some locations composite classes are also established to cater for the needs of the area, but we are congisant of the requirements and our programs are devised accordingly.

Therefore, the curriculum is based on:

  • The level and linguistic ability of each student, and
  • According to prescribed syllabuses designed by State Ministries for Education, in conjunction with material supplied by the Ministry of Education of the Hellenic Republic.

The new School Committee of Aristotelis is seeking actively the cooperation with other Education delivery organisations, such as the NSW Modern Greek Teachers Association and the NSW Federation of Community Language Schools.

Among the priorities set by the new management, first priority is the technological advancement of the school, by creating and updating constantly its webpage, to provide a different forum and easier accessibility to curriculum and communication for both parents and students. This, we believe, will further enhance the facilitation for expanding the Greek language and Culture to second and third generation Australian Greeks as well as to the wider Australian community.

Dr. Zervis with Mr. Gonopoulos at the West Ryde locationWe envisage that in a short period of time, all students will have the capability to utilize the webpage for exchanging ideas and obtain educational material and hopefully, to be able to chat among themselves through a secure and educational forum.

Left: Dr. Zervis with Mr. Gonopoulos at the West Ryde location.

On the other hand, parents will have the opportunity to obtain information via email or the webpage and be informed of upcoming functions and activities.


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