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10 tips to help your child learn

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learningLearning an extra language may seem a little difficult,  particularly given the already demanding workload that students have with their day school.

Given the benefits that learning languages has to offer, we have compiled 10 tips to help you with assisting your child with the learning process in establishing a second language.

  • use new language in conversation.
  • recognize and name the letters of the alphabet. Try sticking some flash cards on your fridge.
  • listen to the sounds as they speak and look at them when responding or correcting their speech.
  • connect sounds to letters to help them figure out the "code" of new language.
  • read often so that recognizing words becomes easy and automatic. Try reading a small passage every evening.
  • learn and use new words. Learn a word a day and more if you like.
  • access to resources, eg dictionaries, software, books, and DVDs.
  • encourage daily practice & review of what they have already learnt
  • promote good grammar. Donít criticize or ridicule their mistakes.
  • practice the sounds of language. Teach your child rhymes, short poems, and songs.

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