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Directions 2006 - National Plan - MUST READ-

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This important document sent to schools last October, highlights the direction community languages schools will take over the next couple of years, all of which will impact on the place and importance of community languages in the Australian community



In planning for 2006, schools have been reminded of the content of the booklet NATIONAL STATEMENT FOR LANGUAGES EDUCATION IN AUSTRALIAN SCHOOLS, which incorporates the NATIONAL PLAN FOR LANGUAGES EDUCATION IN AUSTRALIAN SCHOOLS 2005 -2006

The National Statement outlines the purpose and nature of languages education, national developments and implications and jurisdictions for schools. The vision that is implicit in this statement is realised in the National Plan which focuses on six strategic areas:
Teaching and Learning, Teacher Supply and Retention, Professional Learning, Program Development, Quality Assurance and Advocacy and Promotion of Languages Learning.

CLS Program will assist organisations and schools to participate fully in realising the National Planís aims to establish long term directions for languages education and implement high quality and sustainable programs.

Principles underpinning these areas will result in community languages schools recognised as institutions which set high standards of teaching and learning and are culturally orientated towards learning, which have a high level of professionalism among teachers, outstanding educational leadership, clearly defined policy frameworks and consistency of approach to quality assurance and accountability.

A task force for the implementation of a quality framework has been formed with representatives from NSWCLS program and the Federation of Community Language Schools.

Early in Term 1 2006, small workshops representing particular language groups will be organised to contribute to the development of the dimensions of the framework. More information will be provided when nominations for the workshops have been called.


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