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2007 School Year commences soon

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This year we will continue our focus on engaging our students in authentic real-life educational activities. We are also focusing on effective effort as the most important ingredient for success in learning Greek. Our students supply the motivation to work hard and the staff teaches them the strategies to work smart and achieve better results.

We say to our students, "Learning Greek is fun and easy. You can do it - we will always be there for you."

In 2006, our students were exposed to a number of exciting learning experiences and were able to perform to the best of their abilities. This is evident from the results shown from our assessment and evaluation strategies and from students' increased enthusiasm towards learning Greek.

The end of year – festivities and awards presentation in all locations were extremely successful and the parent-caregiver turnout was exciting and pleasing for both students and staff.

Thank you all for your enthusiastic involvement in the school activities, which provide the impetus to students to engage more thoroughly and vigorously in the learning of the Greek language.

A key purpose in the future must be to continue providing passion and pride in learning Greek at “Aristotelis” Greek Language Education, through the highest quality and flexible provision of education.

As from 2007, “Aristotelis” Greek Language Education will be producing the Study Guide, which incorporates Policies & Procedures, to assist both parents and students in establishing a better work practice with specific outcomes.

As a recognised school by the Community Languages Program of the NSW Education Department & Training, the school must comply with all the requirements to be eligible for the per capita funding and continue to operate within the legislation and parameters set by the appropriate authorities.

In meeting these obligations, “Aristotelis” will serve as an educational resource centre and will further strengthen personal communication with parents and students.

Let us work together now sensitively yet confidently, building on the best of our achievements so far, to make 2007 the best year in the School’s history and a major pivot in our long-term future.


Classes commence the week beginning 5th February 2007.
Please see the last page for further details in relation to each location.


Enrolment forms must be completed for each student. No student can be admitted to any class without a duly completed and signed form by the parent/s, caregivers or any other person who has the authority to do so.
Completed and signed forms must be returned to the Principal at each location on the first day of the commencement of their respective class at each location.
Alternatively, completed enrolment forms maybe posted in the self-addressed envelope found in the package. Online enrolment is also available. Incomplete enrolment forms may delay student placement in the appropriate class.
Parents, Caregivers and persons who act under authority for the students education, consent that ALL particulars contained in the enrolment form can and will be made available to the Community Languages Program of the NSW Department Education & Training or when required by law.


CARLINGFORD – Roselea Public School:
Tuesday and/or Wednesday – 3-45 to 5.45pm

MANLY – Balgowlah Boys High School Campus:
Thursdays – 4.00 to 6.00pm

CONCORD – Strathfield North Public School: Fridays – 4.00 to 6.45 pm

FIVE DOCK – Five Dock Public School:
Saturdays – 9.30 to 11.30am (subject to enrolments)

WEST RYDE – West Ryde Public School:
Session 1
Saturdays – 10.00 – 12.00 pm (junior students)
Saturdays – 10.00 – 12.00 pm (senior students)
Session 2
Saturdays – 12.10 – 14.10pm (junior students)
Saturdays – 12.10 – 14.10 pm (senior students)
Subject to enrolments


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